Hosokawa is the world’s foremost supplier of processing systems for the field of powder and particle processing. Renowned names such as Alpine, Stott, Vitalair, Rietz, Mikro, Micron, and Vrieco-Nauta are all included in the Group’s range. It has been supplying process-technological machines and systems for the manufacture of fine powders for over 110 years now. The machines are employed in numerous applications: for mineral raw materials, in the chemicals industry, for the manufacture of pharmaceutics, cosmetics, and foodstuffs and for recycling applications.

1. Granulators and shredders
2. Table roller mills
3. Ball mills and Agitated media mills
4. Fine impact mills and Classifier mills
5. Jet mills
6. Classifier and Air classifiers
7. Compactors and Roller presses
8. Particle design & Nano technology
9. Isolators/Containment
10. Flake crushers, Bexmills, Pre-crusher and Hammer mills
11. Pelleting machines, Basket extruders and Spheronizers