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Since 2005 KAMA is providing products and their related services in a varied range of high tech and state of art products.All of KAMA’s parents companies are from Germany and are the best in their field of activity worldwide.The quality of KAMA products is constantly being checked and controlled by experienced specialists in order to deliver quality assured products to our customers worldwide. With every” purchase, our customers are guaranteed top quality products along with value for money.


exclusive representative Dr.schnell in Iran

تنها نماينده رسمى دكتر اشنل در ايران

كاما تجارت تنها نماينده رسمى شركت دكتر اشنل المان در ايران ميباشد، كه در زمينه هاى شوينده هاى صنعتى و خانگى در بالا ترين سطح تكنولوژى جهانى در حال فعاليت است،